Monday, December 6, 2010

Dreaming of...A Bon Voyage

Hi friends, hope you had a cheery weekend and that Monday is off to a good start. Today I am living vicariously through my very dear friend Liane, who leaves tomorrow for Paris! She's taking her darling mum--affectionately known as "The Baggage." I think for this trip, that should change to "La Baguette." 

Paris is always always a good idea... but Paris with Liane? The most delightful of adventures. They will have so much fun. Liane tells me that La Baguette, who has never been to Paris, is so excited she hasn't slept for days!

They've rented an apartment in the heart of St. Germain. "I’m so flipping excited!" Liane emailed the other day. "I can buy fresh flowers for every room at our little florist down the street from La Palette, and bring in fresh baked goods from Paul, and coffee, and wine......and CHEESE!!!!!"

The florist down the street from La Palette --sketched from my first trip to Paris with Liane in 2001.

Oh, how I wish I could go with them -- I can't think of a place I rather do my Christmas shopping! But barring that I thought I'd at least post a few images from Liane's trip to Paris last December, so that we could all live vicariously.

Pam, this next one's for you!

Liane and Brenda, I hope you have the most wonderful trip...and bring us back some more delicious photos, s'il te plaît?!

All images by Liane Ellis 

Seriously, don't we all wish we could go with them??? Where do you dream of doing your Christmas shopping this year?


  1. The older I get, the shopping becomes less important, but the memories made from travels or trips with friends seem to be such a wonderful gift. Your "fleur" sketch is beautiful.
    Paris anytime of year is such an inspiration.

  2. I couldn't agree more Patricia! Travel and friends are the best gift...and Paris is always inspiring, even from a-far! Have a merry week!

  3. Wishing your friends a LOVELY trip!
    And let me just say...I LOVE the name and concept of your blog!
    I'm a DREAMER too!
    Yeah for DREAMERS!
    Wishing you a LOVELY~dreamy day!
    Let me know if you make the Tortilla Roll~ups!
    Everyone will LOVE them!
    Thanks for popping over to Bainbridge!

  4. My most darling friend - the only thing that would make this Paris trip better is if you were coming with us! Next's you and me!
    Je t'aime! XOXOXO

  5. wonderful images!

    HI!my name's martina and I come from Italy...I love your blog!I'd like you visit my fashion blog and if you want, follow me!I wait your tips! kiss kiss ^^

  6. Pretty photos.. Paris defenitely is a dreamy place, but I'm all for London and going there with my boyfriend between Christmas and New Year. ;)



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