Thursday, November 4, 2010

Such Great Heights

Mr. Manolo Blahnik, he of the lovely shoes, spent some time out and about last month promoting his new book, Manolo's New Shoes.

Manolo's new book

He shared his opinion on the current trend of platform soles, which, it turns out, is pretty strong: “These are so vulgar — especially the ones with the perspex platforms like you see in 1970s porno films. So shocking! To friends I can say anything, so I might say: ‘Those shoes are vile!’ (I like to tell the truth in a funny way if I can), while to someone I don't know, I might say: ‘My God you look wonderful! Your dress is divine but the volume of your leg is wrong in those shoes.’”

My pretty wedding shoes. Photo by Thia Konig.

Okay, then! I love the fact that while the platform rose to great heights in shoe trends over the past few years, Mr. Blahnik never strayed from his "pretty shoe" aesthetic-- you might see an aggressive stud-covered sandal in his collection, but he never bought into the towering soles that ruled so many runways. But "vile" is pretty strong. And in spite of the influx of ladylike-look shoes this season, with all do respect to the talented Mr. Blahnik, I don't see the "vulgar" platform trend going anywhere soon! 

Image from Jak&Jil

Shoe maven Charlotte Olympia Dellal in London. Image from The Sartorialist 

The fashion crowd certainly voted with their feet when they attended the Spring 2011 shows.

Image from Jak&Jil

Designers sent them down the runways. 

At Dolce & Gabbana. Image from The Sartorialist 

At Chanel. Image from The Sartorialist 

At Rodarte. Image from

Like any fashion trend, shoe silhouettes come and go. But the platform seems to be here to stay. I have to admit, as much as I love the ladylike Pradas I bought this season -- they look so new with their pointy toe and pretty little heel (and gosh are they comfortable) -- I don't see myself climbing down off the platform any time soon. At five-foot-five, I love being tall in my four-inch heels! And even though I do worry about the ankle-twisting hazard, I'm under the illusion the added height takes a few LBs of my frame, too. Maybe?

My own illustration: This season's Pradas vs. last season's 

So, what do you think? Have the fashion powers-that-be tricked our eyes and made the exaggerated volume of the platform shoe look right, when it's really all wrong? Or will these towering shoes never tumble from the heights they've gained over their pretty, ladylike rivals?

Photo by Ivan Terestchenko via Habitually Chic via Style Frizz

PS--In case you missed it, the Habitually Chic Heather Clawson had a delightful post on Mr. Blahnik's home last week.

Photo by Ivan Terestchenko via Habitually Chic via Style Frizz

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