Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Portrait of Britian

On every great vacation there's always something you regret-something you didn't see, didn't buy, that restaurant you didn't hit, a place where you wish you could have spent more time. The National Portrait Gallery made my "must see" list, but we didn't have time to do it justice. Granted, we went after many hours at the amazing British Museum and had become, well, kind of art zombies, wandering, but not really seeing.

 The view from the Portrait Restaurant 
(image from The Guardian)

Admittedly, our plan had been to refuel with a spot of tea at the Portrait Restaurant, which reportedly has one of the best views in London, and is supposed to be ideal for afternoon tea or a late afternoon cocktail -- after which, we would take in as much of the museum as possible in the hour or so before it closed. Great theory, but we were missing the fact that the restaurant closes before the rest of the building. So instead, we hungrily shuffled through the corridors, eyes glazed, not really seeing but not ready to leave, either.

Mike's Brother by Sam Walsh, 1964

And you know, when you are tired and hungry, wall after wall of centuries of famous faces staring you...well, it's kind of creepy.

Sam Walsh was a friend of Mike McCartney (Paul's brother)

Someday I want to go back (with a full stomach). There are thousands (Over a 160,000 to be exact!) of interesting people to see, portrayed by a myriad of artists. Pop heroes.

Nelson Mandela by Homer Walters, 2008

Anna Wintour by Alex Katz, 2009

Fashion Queens.

Hmmm... What do you think, did Alex Katz capture Anna? I'm not so sure.

Image from

Queen Elizabeth II by Andy Warhol, 1985

THE Queen. I wonder how she really feels about Kate Middleton? Anyway, I guess it's always good to have vacation regrets -- they are reasons to return, to never get tired of  a place.


  1. I have a travel diary to remind me of what I missed so that I make time to return. Wonderful to always leave a little bit on the plate for the next trip.

  2. May I post your kind e-mail as part of my Thanksgiving series...and link it to you here?

  3. you can go back !!!! and we need to talk about the queen and kate...
    hmmmm wonder?

  4. Hi Patricia, Thanks for visiting. Of course you may share my email and, of course, by all means link to my blog. I would be quite thankful! :-)



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