Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Musings...

Happy Monday, friends! Did you have a fun weekend? If you're like me, you're nursing a little Halloween Hangover--from way too much candy.

ALT's Candy Mask (Image

Last week, I caught up on a few posts from Vogue's AndrĂ© Leon Tally on (If you saw the September Issue or watch America's Next Top Model, you'll remember Mr. ALT and his hysterical way with words: "It's a famine of beauty, people!") In one post, he talked about the candy mask that Dylan Lauren of Dylan's Candy Bar designed for him specially as the key element to his Halloween costume (love it). 

He also shared this useful tip from Ms. Lauren: drink ice water after gobbling candy--you'll burn 123 calories warming it to body temperature. Don't know if it's true, but I think there will be several glasses of ice water in my future today--worth a try right? 

The fabulous Mr. ALT also shared his review of the upcoming movie, The King's Speech (it hits theaters on November 26).

 Colin Firth as King George VI

I'm happy to hear he has great things to say about the film, calling it "one of the finest moments in modern film making," singling out the performance of Colin Firth as King George VI  and equating it with Dame Helen Mirren's Oscar winning turn in The Queen. He praised the costumes, as well.

Mr. Darcy

I hope this film is as good as the early buzz-- I need something to pay attention to at the Oscars beyond just what people are wearing, and I have to admit, I don't go see many of the nominees. Most of the time they are a little too violent and depressing for me. I figure there is enough of that in real life and prefer something lighter, like Julie & Julia, compelling stories like An Education, or easy laughs like The Hangover. But Mr. Darcy Colin Firth in an English period costume drama? Yes, please.

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  1. oh Mr. Darcy, I mean Firth.... love him. i foresee a girls movie night out coming on Nov. 26th.



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