Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tighten Up

For all my love of autumn leaves and fall flavors, there are a few things about the change in seasons that I dread. One of them is black tights. I'm a dress girl -- dresses are my go-to uniform for work. Maybe a skirt every once in awhile, but dresses are THE staple in my style file. It's one piece. Add an accessory and fab shoes and I'm out the door. Easy. But in Seattle, fall and winter are long, damp and cold. So sometime in October, to keep my legs warm, I'm forced to don the black tights.

Once I start wearing them, it's like my legs are dressed in mourning until spring. By the time March rolls around, my friend Lily and I say that we are ready to burn them all on a black-tight bonfire. Last week I broke down and broke out the black tights, which means that for me fall is officially here. And my legs are hibernating until spring.


  1. We are always on the same page...my black tight inaguration for the season was just 2 days following yours. Ahh... the legs will be warm (and pale )from now till March, time to stock up on those wolfords!

  2. Just bought three more pairs -- they are here to stay, I'm afraid!



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