Monday, October 18, 2010

Searching For...The Perfect Little Black Dress

Why is it that sometimes, the simplest, most basic things are the hardest to find? I've been on a quest for the perfect little black dress for as long as I can remember. I guess the simpler something is, the more perfect it must be, because you can't hide anything behind lace, florals or leopard print.

I've come close a few times. Or thought I'd found "the one," only to discover after a wearing or two that it was too long, too short, too tight, too...etc.

The dress I've been dreaming of is a little like this Dior from the 1950s that I saw in the Didier Ludot book, Little Black Dress: Vintage Treasure. But not so flouncy -- I want some volume in the skirt but not that much.

The top is more like this Givenchy from the 1960s. 

I want something I can wear day or night, depending on how it's styled. It must be out there somewhere...

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Nope. I certainly don't have the abs to carry off this one from Chanel Resort 2011. 

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This Celine from Fall 2010 would look lovely on someone else, but is a bit severe for me.

I thought the perfect LBD would turn out to be something I would always be on the hunt for... until I went to a Jason Wu trunk show last Friday to take a look at his lovely Resort collection in person. And there it was. I think it's really THE ONE! Just the right amount of bounce to the skirt, a pretty simple neck line, made of a fabric that would be appropriate for the office or cocktails. Done. Ordered. Now I just have to wait until January or so for delivery...

But of course, one can't live by black alone. So I circled this off, too. Whoops. Leopard is a classic, too, right?

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