Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inspired By...Gretchen Rubin

Hi friends, have you read this book?

 The book.

Gretchen Rubin spent a year exploring how to create more happiness in her life, and wrote a memoir about the experience. I read it recently, and really liked it. In fact, I didn't want to finish it because I liked spending a little time each day reading and thinking about the idea of finding ways to be happier. Gretchen's writing style is conversational--not preachy or self-serious or overbearing. Her book was honest and funny. Reading it was like talking to a girlfriend about what makes us happy.

The Author.
I liked her perspective that to change your life and be happier you don't necessarily need to do something drastic like leave your husband or move to a tropical island. Like Dorthy in the Wizard of OZ, she finds happiness in her own back yard. She also points out that happiness looks a little different for everyone and that happiness doesn't always make us feel happy. Anyway, great book -- and she has a great blog, too. And, I read recently that NBC is turning her memoir into a TV series staring Charlotte York--I mean Kristin Davis. Yay! Fingers crossed it will be good.

Charlotte always made me happy!

I agree with Gretchen that happiness is something you can cultivate in your life and I've always believed that a big part of being happy is appreciating the little things.  Like...

 A good glass of red and a great read. 

Lunch with the girls.  

Sunflowers from the Farmer's Market. 

(All artwork by me.)

The perfect shot of espresso.

One of Gretchen's "Four Splendid Truths" is that "You're not happy unless you think your happy." I think that when we lose site of the amazing and wonderful small details of our life, we forget how happy we are.


  1. Can't wait to dig into this book!

  2. It's really good - makes you think!

  3. I love your paintings! Would you grant permission for the Friends of the McMinnville Public Library to use the image of the wine glass on top of the stack of books for an invitation to a wine tasting at the library?
    Thank you for considering,
    Jenny Ber, librarian



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