Friday, October 15, 2010

The Best Gift I Ever Got

Last year, I celebrated a big birthday-- we won't say which one.

I wore Chanel. And a party hat.

I was surrounded by my favorite people.

One of my traditions is to make birthday cards--all kinds of cards, actually--for the people I love. I try to capture their spirit, their soul and let them know what I like most about them. 

That year, my friends turned the tables on me and everyone made me a birthday card. It was awesome. 

But the best part was the gift from my darling husband. For years I had given my cards away, happy to know they were appreciated. People told me they saved them. Everyone asked if I scanned them or something before giving them. No. That technology was beyond my scope. So as a surprise, Will asked my nearest and dearest if he could borrow back the art I had given. And scanned it all. No small task, I've been at this for years. When he toasted me and gave me a book of his favorites, I cried.

What a guy (that's him on the left). 

I felt loved. I'll share a few of my favorites in my next post.

1 comment:

  1. i love remembering this fun evening! such a wonderful time with you, dear friend, and so many other lovelies. I so glad you are doing this!



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