Monday, July 27, 2015

Market Day In Provence - COMING HOME Part 3

It's market day in Provence! So grab your basket and please join me over at My French Country Home for the next chapter in Sharon Santoni's charming summer story.

Sharon and I have been loving your response to our collaboration, thank you so much for all your kind comments and messages. Sharon's stories are always a delight, so it's been a pleasure to imagine the world of one of her heroines. This week's illustrations are also available for purchase. Please contact me right away if you see something you like - the first message received gets first dibs on the paintings, and several have been quickly snapped up since the story began.

Have a wonderful week, everyone! XO

Monday, July 20, 2015


Happy Monday, all! Thanks so much for the enthusiasm for the summer story collaboration between Sharon Shantoni and I. From your comments, it's sounds like you're as hooked as I am on Sharon's charming tale about Catherine who unexpectedly inherits a house in Provence. I hope you'll join me over at My French Country Home to find out what happens next. Chapter Two has just posted and Catherine now possesses the keys...

Won't it be fun to learn what this home in Provence looks like inside when Catherine unlocks the doors?

I failed to mention last week that the artwork that accompanies Sharon's delightful words is available for purchase.  The painting of the house in Provence has already been sold, but if you see anything you like as the story unfolds, please let me know.

Happy reading! XO

Monday, July 13, 2015

Coming Home, A Summer Story and Collaboration wth My French Country Home

The dream of a house in France... the rhythms of a small village. The flavors, sights, scents and sounds that heighten the senses: the freshest tomatoes on market day, a field of lavender, a cicada symphony as night falls. The perfect escape - one that could be life changing. This summer I hope you'll join Sharon Santoni from My French Country Home and I as we imagine what happens when one unexpectedly inherits a house in Provence....

Sharon's My French Country Home is a favorite escape for so many of us - a glimpse into a beautiful life in France. Flowers, brocante shopping, a celebration family life, of small moments and inspiring style.  Sharon takes gorgeous photos and has a way with words - her first book, My Stylish French Girlfriends makes it's much anticipated debut in August.

But it's Sharon's short fiction that really takes me away.  Always charming, always thought-provoking, but at the same time comforting. Her characters seem like real people who you might actually sit down with for a chat. So what a thrill when Sharon asked me to help her bring her latest story to life with a few illustrations...

Sharon has imagined a story about a woman who may not be much different from people you know... who you might easily have as a friend. I hope you'll join us each week to find out what happens to her as she lives this dream of coming home to France...

A huge thanks to the lovely Sharon for asking me come along on this adventure. I understand thanks to Heather from Lost in Arles are also in order, for edits along the way.

Happy summer reading, all! XO

Monday, June 22, 2015

Stepping Into Summer

Happy first Monday of Summer,  all. Hope that the season is starting out on the right foot for you! And that there are plenty of bright sunny days, glasses of rosé sipped on the terrace, big bowls of strawberries, mornings spent shell seeking at the beach, a walk in the lavender fields, a jump in the lake or whatever else sums up summer for you!

What's your favorite thing about stepping into the season?

Monday, June 8, 2015

New England Adventures

Happy Monday, all. Didn't mean to be check out this long but it took a few days to get organized after our New England wandering. As always I fell in love with the natural beauty and charm of this part of the world - lobster buoys and clam shacks in Maine where we caught up with family. Grey shingles and garden gates that you can't resist peeking beyond in Nantucket. And a walk down memory lane at Mr. H's college reunion - dorm life and carefree university days relived behind red bricks and through iron gates.

And now summer is almost here and there are a multitude of client projects and a new website that I'm determined to finish one of these days. So posts may become a bit more sparse for awhile - but I'll pop in from time to time... and please join me on Instagram where I'll continue to post a painting each day.

Hope the warm days have found you and that sunshine and all of season's splendors aren't far behind! XO

Friday, May 22, 2015

Which Way To Your Happy Place?

Of course there is no place like home... but we all have our happy places.

Those spots in the world where we feel alive in a different way. That awaken, energize, recharge, relax and help us understand ourselves and the world a little bit better.  These places all speak to us in their own unique fashion... Paris inspires me creatively like nowhere else - the man-made sublime is so on display, from the art hanging in the Louvre to a superbly arranged flower stand. Sun Valley is beautiful not just because we tied the knot there but because it's so easy to be out in nature and breath deep and play hard. Nantucket brings quite contemplation and a slower pace. Drinks sipped on the lawn at sunset. The sound of waves on the sand.

I'll be away for a while, soaking in everything I can from one of my happiest of places. Hope you have a beautiful rest of the month! If anyone needs me, they can find me listening to the sound that clam shells make beneath bicycle tires on a path in 'Sconset.

Where are your happy places?  XO

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lemon Love

Sometimes you just get lemons! Like when your laptop has a nervous breakdown and refuses to download the photos from your camera. No Monday blogging as planned...

But we all know that lemons can be delicious and lead to yummy things (a few captured by my trusty iPhone). Like a casual Sunday supper that focused on the bright sunny flavors of lemon. Have you made Watson Kennedy Ted's Lemon Orzo with Feta from Style and Simplicity? So easy and delicious. A Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Cake from Round Pond Estate. Worth every drop of the entire bottle of olive oil you pour into it. A gray day so you can't set the table in the garden? That's okay, pretty peonies and a mix of casual dishes (vintage and new) that you can throw in the dishwater and your best silver, crystal and linens look as pretty indoors as out.

Happy Monday, all. Don't forget, if life serves you lemons, you  can always make them into something delicious! XOXO


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