Friday, August 22, 2014

Yes Way...

And here we are again, toasting Friday... and one of the last weekends of summer. Time to stop and smell the roses, indeed... and to taste the rosé, don't you think?

Yes! To sunshine, to lazy days, to friends, to soaking it all in... 

We are off again for a glorious few days... which may mean for a bit of quiet next week.

Until then, here's to your weekend! What will you be up to?

Hope you drink summer down to the last few glorious drops! XO

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stopping To Smell The Roses

Happy Wednesday, everyone. The summer days are dropping so fast, like petals falling in the August sunshine.

With their luscious scent in the air...

Today seems like a good day to stop and smell the roses while we still can, right?

If you'll please excuse me, there's lots of laziness on my to-do list (and admittedly a bit of work, too). Back soon! XOXO

Monday, August 18, 2014

Blooms Where They're Planted: Buying Local At The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

Happy Monday, all. Isn't it wonderful to have a fresh new week ahead of us? Taking a moment to stop and smell what's blooming seems to be the perfect way to start things out right, so come with me to one of my favorite resources for flowers, The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market.

Housed in an historic warehouse in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood, the cooperative supports local farmers who sell their flowers, greens and ornamentals directly to florists and stores. 

And on Fridays, from 10 to noon, the general public is welcome to shop, too. So it's the perfect place gather blooms for weekend events, or just to bring a fresh bouquet of seasonal loveliness home (while supporting local farmers).

Last week the warehouse was bursting with high summer color - bright dahlias, snapdragons, zinnias and antiquing hydrangeas. Happy sunflowers were perfect for a party, and the deepest, reddest dahlias are currently brightening up the kitchen counter.

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market
5840 Airport Way South, Ste. 201, Seattle, WA, 98108

Anything pretty blooming at your house this week? XO

Friday, August 15, 2014

Let's Celebrate!

Happy Friday, everyone. I'm running around today, getting ready to celebrate dear friends who are moving away and on to new and amazing adventures...

You know, it's been a weird week. The clouds and and rain rolled in. The unexpected happened. Bad news in the world made personal sadness seem a little heavier. 

But it's times like this that I think we should really celebrate, giving thanks for the many blessings in our lives, the knowledge that the clouds will part and the best days are still ahead. 

Happy Weekend, all - hope there's lots to celebrate. XOXO

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gift Idea: A Little Remedy For The Post-Vacation Blues

Coming back from vacation can be kind of a bummer, right? While it's great to sleep in your own bed again (especially if you managed to change the sheets before you left), facing reality after a couple weeks of break bliss isn't fun. There's all the mail to go through, an empty fridge, and no more hotel breakfasts...

My friend Dana had been enjoying a few blueberry days in Maine but flew back to a Seattle that had suddenly gone all grey and rainy, so I wanted to take the edge off her return. Home baked blueberry muffins seemed the perfect place to start.

This is my go-to recipe (click here) - love the crumble on top and a little bit of lemon zest gives them just the slightest hint of zing.

Throw them into a pretty blue basket, add some striped tea towels, coordinating ribbon and specially made gift tag and you have a pretty package that will help make the homecoming truly welcome. It would make a lovely housewarming gift, too.

It's not quite room service, but will hopefully make that first morning's breakfast a bit sweeter!

How do you make that vacation feeling last even after you've returned home?

Happy Wednesday! XO

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Perfect 10: Terrific Tomato Recipes

Did you have a delicious weekend? Ours was lovely, bursting with the best that summer has to offer. Soaking up the sun, getting out on the lake, taking our bikes out for a spin. But I think the most summery moment was biting into the perfect tomatoes at our favorite neighborhood restaurant, The Harvest Vine. Served thinly sliced with just a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkling of herbs and garlic (and a glass or two of rosé), they simply sung with flavor.

Sweet and ripe, tomatoes are at their best wearing nothing at all - popped like candy. But here are 10 other ideas for what to do with August's best crop:

What's your favorite taste of summer? 

Happy Monday! XO

Friday, August 8, 2014

Thanks Bunches!

Was it a good week? I have to say, it's been lovely here! So much so that I need to end the week on a thank you note. A huge thanks to Sharon at My French Country Home for including me in her August Giveaways. What an honor to start the month off at her gorgeous place. And thanks to everyone who entered the contest and left such nice comments! I think I will print them out and save them to read on days when I'm feeling blue. If you haven't entered yet, I believe there's still one more day. Hop on over, I'd love to paint something for you...

Thanks also to Tina at The Enchanted Home for including me in her round up post this week, she is always a treat to work with. And to sweet Kristy and Beth at Design Chic! Did you see their fabulous post on blogger-artists? So flattering to be included in such a talented group.

Merci, merci to all of you who subscribed and followed this week, I'm so glad you are here! Please do pop by often! And, of course, to all of you who have been around for awhile, thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts and comments. You make my day.

Happy, happy weekend everyone!

What are you thankful for today?


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